Right then, no corporate spiel, no pretentious promises of a better life, just good clean design built with understanding and love.

Walt was born into the world to sit alongside his older sibling Aeriform where I spend a lot of my time making shiny pictures for some pretty high profile clients and I bloody love it. But, my heart also lies here with the younger of the two and everything he brings to the party. Walt is more playful, less confined, far less illustrative, one for graphic language and can bring always bring a dollop of fun with added sprinkles. He also carries a wise head on those young shoulders, knowing the exact time to show restraint and when it's time to get weird.

So if you think Walt can lend a hand with your business and it's visual needs just give me a shout. He'd be chuffed to help out. I won't go on much more, I'm an artist and we much prefer the arena of self doubt to self promotion so I'll let some clients chip in with their thoughts.

Before I do go though, please don't email asking to purchase a certain T shirt or product, I just design them. Seek and ye may find. Quick strike runs of exclusive Walt T's may appear from time to time so keep yo' peepers peeled.

Oh and one final thing, Walt was my Grandad, he was great and I reckon you'd have got on well. That's him up there with his trusty sidekick Ben ^^^^


'Given the incredibly difficult task of visually bringing together the contrasting worlds of Philips & O'Neill, we ended up with a match made in heaven.'

Martijn Andriessen @ O'Neill


'Having worked together on several projects, Walt never ceases to amaze us with skill and creativity. An incredibly talented, consummate professional with an outstanding work ethic.'

John Cunningham @ Eye4Events


'I'm very particular so trying to translate what I wanted was difficult, Walt listened and nailed it on first attempt. Since then they have designed many T shirts and skate decks for me. A pleasure to deal with and the work speaks for itself.'

Gary Hurst @ Forw4rd


'With a design that was sympathetic to our business branding and ethos, our team are really happy with their new staff T shirts and we are now retailing them to our customers too!'

Nic Till @ Riverhead Coffee


'Always on point, Walt can take an initial idea away and come back with exactly the product we needed. With a perfect eye for every facet of the design process from form to colour, he's a good lad.'

Martin Clark @ Velosport


'Ive had Walt do logos for a number of projects now and I'm constantly amazed at how the design perfectly fits the image I wanted to create. The results are always beyond expectation'

Eric Hall @ Woodpecker


Over the years when time has permitted, I've delved back into a DJ guise from yesteryear and thrown a ton of stuff into a pot to create a digital audio gumbo. Expect soothing ambience, 80's classics, hip hop beats, indie, samples a plenty and pretty much everything else.

I think most are downloadable so grab a copy, strap on your ear goggles and listen to the sounds of Walt. Enjoy!

Odessa, Custer & East 8th Inspired by No Country For Old Men, a quiet dusty dark trip through the Mid West

Longwave Perestroika™ An imaginary evening by the radio in the depths of the Cold war

And How We Processed The Dark Before The Red Tide Ebbed Part 2 to Longwave Perestroika, the transmissions continue

Peace Street Providence A deep hip hop base with a pop, indie and electronic topping and sprinkled wi' some lovely 'erbs.

The Southerly Drift A trip down into the Underground for a beat driven trip across the capital

Rotor Straight up 80's stitched together with classic hip hop and smoothered in TV/Film samples

Studio Line Part 2 to Rotor with less samples and more four to the floor, light it up!

Post Modernist Abracadabra A murky journey through the swamps of the deep south inspired by True Detective

By A Thread A reflective late night audio trip through the darker corners of the mind with soothing beats.

Pre Flite A breakneck flit through 45 years of pop music and hip hop that will leave you floating in the void.

Meridian Hotel, Room 1520 (Hunter Reunited) Heartbreaking ambience inspired by Paris Texas and one for low light, if any.

Also, every year I open a new Spotify folder on Jan 1st and drop everything that catches my ear in for an audio diary of the year. It can get quite vast as I consume music like oxygen but if you'd like a listen and maybe discover something new, feel free to drop by.